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About Kemer and the district

Kemer district is on the feet of west Taurus Mountain and far from province Antalya 43 km and has 52 km strand and it is one of the most important tourism centre of Turkey.

It was a region of see from flood water from mountains and moor till 1910.

The old people of the village have built stone wall in order to protect themselves against the flood and therefore the region took the name Kemer.


Adventure in Kemer

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The most attractive characteristic of Kemer is its natural beauty. Sea, forest and mountains intersect at a point.

It is very attractive to see the clarity of the sea, green colour of the forests; sea's reaching out the pine trees, pine trees used as sunshades at the beaches.

Starting from Beldibi location all the shore to Tekirova is a complete natural beach.

The weather in Kemer

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You can enjoy the sea with the municipality beach located within the centre of Kemer and Moonlight beach located near the marina.

Attractions in Kemer

In addition to these you can enjoy the beach and the sea of the facilities against remuneration.

Mediterranean region is wealthier than the other geographical regions in Turkey in terms of the variety of species.

Taurus Mountains lie along the region, topographical and geological structure of the region, its climatic features play important role in the increase of this variety of species.

Antalya province and its environment have a rich potential in terms of plant species. It is the first in terms of endemic plant species in our country