What to see in Kemer
Attractions in Kemer

The Ternal Flame Chimera
There are unblinking flames on this mountain. Çıralı has a beach of 3,2 km and its width changes between 50-100 meters.
Beach elevates from the sea with a soft incline. Its borders are rocks in both ends. It has thin grains and high quality sand in general. There is a river bed flowing only in winter season at its north.
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The Gondola and Mountai Tahtali
Mount Tahtalı, located in Antalya-Kemer, with its height of 2365m is the mountain closest to the sea on the southern coastline of Turkey.

Europe's longest gondola lift you up to the top, and you can enjoy a wonderful view.

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The mosque in Kemer
The mosque in Kemer was officially opened in the fall of 2011, and can accommodate 3,000 people Construction was funded by donations, and by some of those who owned the land, handed his share of the land to the mosque. The others who owned the ground, let the mosque be built there, without any compensation for this
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2400 year old Phaselis

Most of the ruins found today belong to Roman and Byzantium period. You can experience history and nature together in Phaselis Ancient city. There are also two beautiful beaches.

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The old city Olympos

It is considered that Olympos as a Lykia city was established during Hellenistic Period. It is among the 6 major cities that has

This city was eliminated from Klikian pirates at the beginning of AC 1st century and Roman Empire dominated this location after that period. Olympos was very popular during AC. 1st and 2nd centuries.

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Eko Park in Tekirova
The Ecological Natural Park covers the territory of 40 000 m2 and is the first flora and herpeto fauna
(plant, reptile and amphibian) park establishment in the world. Eko park is a shelter for many plants
and reptiles that are under danger of extinction. The park is open to the public

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The Nomad Park in Kemer

Kemer was the once homeland of the Yörüks, a nomadic Turkomen tribe that spent the hot spring and summer months up on the plateaux of the Toros Mountains, returning to the town before the winter set in.Yörüks still live in Ayisigi & Yörük Park Kemer but they now prefer a sedentary existence and no longer migrate during the summer.

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Experience the markets in Kemer
The markets in Kemer is something everyone should experience. The locals meet and they are shopping for the week. The markets provide local people with fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes and other things needed in everyday life and the prices are low.The tourists come to buy textiles, footwear, leather goods, souvenirs and much more.
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Dive on the wreck of Paris II
The sunken ship Paris II, lying 33 meters deep on the ground at the coast to the Kemer Marina, is one of the most important sunken ships. In the canyon, a preferred diving place in the area, big string ray and other fishes can be viewed. You can also meet one of the dying out creatures, the Mediterranean seal and flocks of tuna fishes in these waters.

At certain times experienced trainers offer scuba diving and life rescue courses in the diving schools. Here you can enjoy cave diving, deep diving, night diving. You can also take photos and record videos.
Diving alone is prohibited by law. You have to keep your international diving license with you when you perform these activities. You can get more information on this subject from SSA.


Idyros Archaic City in Kemer
In Kemer, at the spot close to the Ayisigi Bay coast, researches are still present on the Idyros Archaic City, of which the remnants have been found out in the excavations that were done in 1976-1977 by Antalya Museum.
In the excavations, Byzantine wall remains, three doorjambs, a door that reminds of abscissa and church remnants were found. The floor of the church is covered by mosaic made of orange, clay red, white, gray stones.

The decorations in which the geometric motifs are dominant are surrounded with boarders shaped as harts. Also, a chapel was found at the south of the church. In the examinations of the little findings and coins that where maintained by the excavations shows that these complexes were used in the 3th and 6th century.The remains of the Byzantine accommodation continue all along the Ayisigi Bay coas

Beldibi Cave
Beldibi cave is established on the Antalya – Kemer main street on the feet of Beydagi. It is about 25 km from Antalya and 100 m from the shore.
Cave is at the base of the limestone rocks expanding in to the ocean having an altitude of 25 m.

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