What to see in Kemer:
The Beldibi Cave


Beldibi Cave Beldibi cave is established on the Antalya – Kemer main street on the feet of Beydagi. It is about 25 km from Antalya and 100 m from the shore.

Cave is at the base of the limestone rocks expanding in to the ocean having an altitude of 25 m. It is comprised 2 sections. It displays that “Beldibi” Cave
had been utilised since the Paleolithic Age, but the most
attractive outcome of the cave pertains to the Mesolithic Age.

On the Cave’s partitions the stylized images were discovered,
along with the little pebble and skeletal part carved devices belonging to the identical time span, that is to 15000
years before.

50000years before while the images of the human of the Paleolithic Age were made with a very shrewd issue of outlook, 15000 years before the images made in
Mesolithic Age were stylized.

Among the images in this cave which were made with manganese oxide dyestuffs and natural metal are the numbers of the chamois and the scenes of searching,
a number, made of a around, depicting the mother goddess split up into four parts with spots, and the numbers of human or magician stylized with the traverse shape.*