What to see in Kemer, Turkey
Mountain Tahtali, Kemer in Turkey

Mount Tahtalı, located in Antalya-Kemer, with its height of 2365m is the mountain closest to the sea on the southern coastline of Turkey.

Tahtalı embraces the view that surrounds Kemer, adored as a sea and vacation region, which is near the tourism metropolis, Antalya.

Olympos is the 2nd highest Mount of Beydağları National Park and sits on a throne as if a king between Antalya and Finike and is the most dominant mountain of the Beydağları mountain range.


This extraordinary adventure, realizes the dream of going up to Tahtalı with the new cable way constructed and rights the slogan “Sea to Sky”.

The Tahtalı cable way combines the two classic purpose of going on a vacation – the sea and the mountain- uniquely.

Mount Tahtalı, aside from being located in an interesting tourism area, gains a quality of becoming a place that you just can’t do without visiting, with the newly constructed cable way

Summer period / movement and trip duration according to time and circumstances:

“Tahtalı 2365m” works everyday at the hour and half past the hour and constantly if necessary. The trip duration is 10 minutes and this time expresses a rare value for the environment passed.
09.00 - 19.00 Uhr

Winter period / movement and trip duration according to time and circumstances:
10.00 - 17.00


Also this year we present some special events for extraordinary taste to you. Either early in the morning, in the late evening or at night, a real treat is guaranteed. Every Monday and Thursday in July,


August and September "Sunrise rides". An unique natural spectacle combined with euphorical tunes can be watched from the summit.First ourward jouney in July at 5am, in August at 5:30am in September at 5:45am.

In July and August on Special request available "Sunset & Serenade rides". Enjoy the dawn combined with Serenades and a tasteful meal. - Flee from everyday life ! Outward journeys from 19:30h to 20:00h.

At "Full Moon" in July, August and September special evening rides. Accompanied with a delicous meal and music at the summit.For these events reservation is essential! Please contact us.

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