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Sights and attractions and in Kemer

Photos, maps and information about area attractions, Chimera, Nomadic Park, Olympos, Phaselis and mountain Tahtali and the gondola.

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Excursions, Day Trips and Tours with Sightseeing in Kemer
Go to Antalya, Myra-Demre, Blue Caribbean Cruise, diving, hiking, yacht tour, rafting, parasailing, biking in the mountains, kayaking adventures, Hamam, Canyon adventures, Lycian Adventures adventures, and much more. Read more about excursions, day trips and sightseeing in Kemer

Jeep safari
You will drive in the wonderful Taurus Mountains, it often stop to take take pictures. During the jeep safari, you will see how people live in the mountains, mosques, valleys, top of the Taurus mountains, a 2000 year old tree, cave, and many kinds of plants and animals.

There is a stop at a river or a hut / restaurant for a lunch. After lunch you will continue to drive trails and narrow roads, and be back at the hotel around 17:00 to 18:00. The tour can be purchased in Kemer

Wellness - Spa - Hamam

In this historical Hamam's you pass through a sequence of heat and steam phases, which purify you from stress and toxins, regulate the blood circulation and relax you.

While traditional Hamam's have separate sections for male and female, some Hamam's at Hotels have special sections where male and female can have their bath together.

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Challenges in the Adventure Forest
In The Adventure Forest you can redefine your borders away from trouble and noise, as well as proving your courage and skill.
Floating high above the ground, equipped with climbing ropes, harnesses and helmets one has to accomplish challenge after challenge on our course. Adventure is the highlight and everybody can join.

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Diving in Kemer.

diving in KemerDiving centers at the coasts of Beldibi and Tekirova are waiting to introduce you the natural beauties, the world of animals living in the Mediterranean and historical remains.

In the canyon, a preferred diving place in the area, big string ray and other fishes can be viewed. You can also meet one of the dying out creatures, the Mediterranean seal and flocks of tuna fishes in these waters.
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Dive on the wreck of Paris II
The sunken ship Paris II, lying 33 meters deep on the ground at the coast to the Kemer Marina, is one of the most important sunken ships. In the canyon, a preferred diving place in the area, big string ray and other fishes can be viewed.
You can also meet one of the dying out creatures, the Mediterranean seal and flocks of tuna fishes in these waters


At certain times experienced trainers offer scuba diving and life rescue courses in the diving schools. Here you can enjoy cave diving, deep diving, night diving. You can also take photos and record videos.

Diving alone is prohibited by law. You have to keep your international diving license with you when you perform these activities. You can get more information on this subject from SSA.

Riding in Kemer
In recent years many horse farms, offering different activities, are established in the regions of Kemer, Camyuva, Tekirova and Kiris Horse riding courses, riding tours to ancient cities, riding tours in the woods and much more activities are arranged by these managers.
In these farms you have also possibilities for accommodation.

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Shopping in Kemer
It is usually possible to come across shopping centres including Turkish textile and world trade marks and brands in Kemer region.

You have the opportunity to find the most special designs and products of leather, jewellery and carpets. You can have information about the life style of the public and the products of the region when you visit public bazaars of the region.

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Lycian Adventures with Lukka Outdoor
Centred in the Olympos National Park right in the heart of the rugged Toros mountain range, Lycian Adventures offer you a variety of ways to discover the spectacular nature. Lycian Adventures excursions give you the opportunity to get closer to the real Turkey, either by bike, down a waterfall, on foot or a sea kayak always accompanied by an experienced guide.
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Rafting in the Antalya region
For something a bit different, you can try a rafting trip in Antalya An exciting day out which gives you the opportunity to race the rapids whilst viewing the breathtaking cedar forests of especially the Koprulu Canyon national Park.
There are many agencies that you can arrange rafting and boat trip tickets. Trips can last from one to six hours and also include a three course seafood lunch.

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Hiking - trekking - walking in Kemer
Kemer has many opportunities for those who will walk in Kemer
and its surroundings, and The Lycian Way is passing along Kemer.
Read about The Lycian Way, marked hiking trails in Kemer for day trips, and organized trips on The Lycian Way.

15 marked hiking trails on "The Lycian Way" in Kemer with a length of 1.8 km to 18.3 km.


Ekopark park in Tekirova
The Ecological Natural Park covers the territory of 40 000 m2 and is the first flora and herpeto fauna (plant, reptile and amphibian) park establishment in the world.
Eko park is a shelter for many plants and reptiles that are under danger of extinction.

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Climbing in the district
A land with an intriguing history and unique culture, full of magical traditions
and secrets. A land characterized by surreal landscapes with high mountains, endless plateaus, valleys, never ending rocky beaches, and unlimited climbing opportunities.

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Parasailing i Kemer

Relax and enjoy the views as you are lifted up to 100-300meters over the warm tropical ocean, the harbour and the beach. Simple and fun. Anyone can soar.

Take off and land directly from the boat, so you stay dry. Very easy, no effort required by you. Paras ailing can be purchased on the beach in Kemer.