What to do in Kemer, Turkey
Wellness, Spa and Turkish Bath/Hamam


HamamDuring the era of the Ottoman Empire, a special importance was given to one of the main preconditions of the Islamic religion, which is cleanliness.

To spread out this habit by building many bathes, called "Hamam", to the benefit of the folk.
You can find old Hamam's, which still carry the interesting architectural features of that period in the city or similar ones in the hotels.

Turkish Bath

In this historical Hamam's you pass through a sequence of heat and steam phases, which purify you from stress and toxins, regulate the blood circulation and relax you.


While traditional Hamam's have separate sections for male and female, some Hamam's at Hotels have special sections where male and female can have their bath together.

In the middle of the bath is a heated marble slab, called "Göbek taşı". With the cleaning and massaging cure the masseurs apply on you on this slab, using a bath glove made of coarse cloth called "kese", you will experience a wonderful feeling.

Some hotel offers Spa / Haman and you can find several that offer Hamam in Kemer City. Some offer free transportation from your hotel.