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Photos and info about the Eko park in Tekirova

The Ecological Natural Park covers the territory of 40 000 m2 and is the first flora and herpeto fauna (plant, reptile and amphibian) park establishment in the world.
Eko park is a shelter for many plants and reptiles that are under danger of extinction.

People unaware of the vulnerable structure of nature destroy millions of micro- and thousands of macro-organisms.


THE COLLECTION OF REPTILES includes native poisonous and non-poisonous species of snakes, chameleons and other reptiles and amphibians as well as exotic reptiles that were brought from different parts of the world such as: pythons, coral snakes, boa constrictors, anacondas, vipers, cobras, mambas, timber rattlesnakes, giant lizards, turtles and crocodiles. .

Spiders and scorpions (Arachnidae) are available in Eko park as well. At the moment new habitats are being prepared for tarantula spiders to host also thousands of different species of arachnids in the near future.

Eko park implements the concept of alternative tourism offering high standard service on the one hand and preserving the endangered species both in Turkey and within the 36th northern and southern parallels on the other.

Information provided by the trained guides who accompany you during your visit, gives you an opportunity to know these wonderful animals better and to realize their importance in the global ecosystem.

Now there are Nile crocodiles and young Amazon crocodilian caimans in Eko park. We are steadfastly working on bringing other 20 species of crocodiles to the park. We hope you will be able to see them in the immediate future.


are represented by 360 thousand examples. Thousands of exotic plants, trees and shrubs were brought from tropical and subtropical zones of the world.



Eko park possesses a collection of iguanas of 50 species. At the moment they are working on preparing of the habitat for iguanas improving their current living conditions.


Currently, Eko park disposes of a unique collection of 3500 snakes representing 98 species, 28 of which are native, and 70 are
in-brought. All reptiles have been delivered to Turkey on a legal basis and possess the CITES (preservation) certificate.

More info on: www.ekopark.com.t