Diving in Kemer

Diving in Kemer Diving centers at the coasts of Beldibi and Tekirova are waiting to introduce you the natural beauties, the world of animals living in the Mediterranean and historical remains.

The sunken ship Paris, lying 33 meters deep on the ground at the coast to the Kemer Marina, is one of the most important sunken ships. In the canyon, a preferred diving place in the area, big string ray and other fishes can be viewed.

You can also meet one of the dying out creatures, the Mediterranean seal and flocks of tuna fishes in these waters.

At certain times experienced trainers offer scuba diving and life rescue courses in the diving schools. Here you can enjoy cave diving, deep diving, night diving. You can also take photos and record videos.

Diving alone is prohibited by law. You have to keep your international diving license with you when you perform these activities. You can get more information on this subject from SSA.



Diving in KemerAntalya on the warm Mediterranean coast is a haven for divers, as it features dozens of diving spots, such as Kemer and Kaş, as well as numerous caves.

Accepted as one of the most untouched tourist destinations in Turkey, Kaş is one of the most suitable places for diving in the country and is included on the list of the world's top 100 diving destinations.

Kaş boasts more than 25 diving sites, where you are bound to discover dozens of amazing underwater remains. There are shipwrecks, caves, landscapes, ancient amphorae, underwater canyons and drop-offs into the turquoise waters of Kaş. When you dive into the Mediterranean waters, you will witness how history lies cradled in the arms of the sea.


In Antalya's Kemer district, you can also find many diving schools and different diving opportunities. Just inside the entrance of Antalya's port, a French transport vessel lies 20-32 meters under the sea.

Apart from this historic submerged vessel, you can also visit the town of Tekirova for diverse diving experiences as well as dive into the deep sea in Üç Adalar (three islands) to experience cave diving and underwater photography. Also, do not be surprised if you encounter dolphins during your dive. 

Antalya's other hot spot for diving, Kalkan, is suitable for advanced divers who are looking for a more serious diving experience.

Underwater streams, harsh winds and rare fish species are among the features you will find. Be prepared to be amazed while watching hundreds of different kinds of fish and marine animals riding the currents. Turtles, tuna, sharks and stingrays are among the species that you can see in Kalkan.

The Uluburun Wreck, located nearly 9 kilometers from Kaş, is another ancient shipwreck waiting for you in Antalya. It is a world-famous shipwreck dating back to 1400 B.C. that was discovered in the 1980s.

It lies approximately 60 meters under the sea and the historic artifacts found in the shipwreck can be viewed at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology in western Turkey. Sea cliffs in Antalya are another diving attraction in Antalya.


There are more places suitable for diving between the Lara and Konyaaltı districts as well. The sea cliffs there range in height from 14 meters to 25 meters.

If you want to experience diving on an island, Sıçan Island, which is only a few kilometers away from Antalya's Port Akdeniz, is a perfect destination for you. It has shallow waters, where the deepest part is only 22 meters deep, and it features a beautiful cave on the eastern side of the island.

The best way to start diving off the island is by taking a daily boat tour. To feel the joy of discovery and diversity, Antalya is a perfect place for both professional and novice divers.

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