Moonlight Beach/Park in Kemer, Turkey


Moonlight BeachKemer was the once homeland of the Yörüks, a nomadic Turkomen tribe that spent the hot spring and summer months up on the plateaux of the Topros Mountains, returning to the town before the winter set in.

Yörüks still live in Ayisigi & Yörük Park Kemer but they now prefer a sedentary existence and no longer migrate during the summer.
Examples of the fast disappearing Yörük culture are kept in the area between the port and Moonlight Park.

Moonlight BeachThere Yörük prepare sac börek, a pastry prepared on iron grill. A small ethnographic museum is also located in the Moonlight Park, spreading behind Kemer Marina,
is a pleasant rest and recreational area blanketed by towering cedar and pine trees.

It has a long beach, restaurant's, water land, theater, Dolphinarium, coffeehouses and souvenir shops. Entrance into the park is free of charge.

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