Photos and information about Kemer Marina


The Marina is completely protected from swell and surge and is a popular wintering-over spot. It is a full service facility.

This full service marina has marin eras to lead you to your slip, they will help with the laid lines and they expect to be called before you depart so that they can properly reattach the laid lines to the dock when you go.

Call the marina on Ch 73 (or 72? the channel number is
painted on the Marina control tower) when you get close and they will meet you. Most slips are laid lines and bow or stern to. There are some side-tie slips for smaller (30') yachts.


MARINA SHIPYARD: The Marina has a full shipyard with a large travel lift, engine workshop, steel fabrication and paint workshop.

Most repairs can be undertaken here. The yard currently (04/2009) allows owners to do their own work.

Stainless steel fabrication can be exceptionally good value, but get prices confirmed in writing before commencing.

The resident live aboard's organize a winter net on
Ch 69 at 08:30 each morning (except Sunday).

The marina will provide you with a password to access
the marina WIFI service (included in rates).


Available at all slips.
Electricity is metered and charged monthly.


The live aboard's organize a plethora of hikes, bus trips to sights and nearby towns and longer multi-day excursions throughout the winter

MARINA RESTAURANT/BAR: The Navigator bar is on site. This bar with a separate restaurant caters mainly to the lovebirds in the Marina.

There is a daily happy hour with half price drinks and a daily "staff" lunch is served at a discounted price.

There is a small, expensive chandlery just outside the marina gate. Cheaper goods can be found in Antalya, a 45 minute drive away. Bear in mind that import duties make any imported parts quite expensive in Turkey.

During the summer a small supermarket operates outside the marina gate. There are three larger supermarkets in Kemer, none are better than mediocre. There is a large and very good fresh market every Monday in Kemer.


The tobacconist shop adjacent to the Marina will arrange for your bottles (USA or Euro Spec) to be refilled. The tobacconist is one of the few places where (expensive) pork products such as bacon can be bought. He offers discounts to the marina customers and has a reasonable (for Turkey) selection of drinkable wine.*