About Beldibi, Kemer in Turkey


Beldibi is located at a distance of 25 km to the west of the provincial center of Antalya. Beldibi is today included within the “Olympos Beydaðlarý National Coastal Park” and located on a thin, long plain covering an area of four thousand acres from cape Reis to Akyarlar.

To the east of the plain mountains plunge very steeply into the sea, forming cliffs of falez rock.

Three families that came to the area, which was completely covered by oak forests until one hundred and fifty years ago, built up a settlement here and, subsequently, with those


coming from Anamur the population increased and it became a neighborhood under the Mukhtar (Village Elected Head) Kem

Sprawling on the land with an area of 30-40 acres located above the pool immediately beside Kocasu spring are the remains of the Ancient City of Marma.

The area where the remains are found is densely covered with forests. Part of the remains of the ancient structure lie on a great rocky mass on the slope.

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Beldibi Cave
It is worth visiting Beldibi Cave, where archeologists have discovered that work and artifacts from the Paleolithic, Mesotholithic and Neolithic periods. Some 22 km from Antalya, it is situated near the village.

The cave, which is 300 metres above sea level, was discovered in 1959. The enclosure consists of an upper and lower cave.

Numerous prehistoric drawings of humans and animals can be seen on the rocks near the cave. An engraved picture showing a running deer is on one of the rocks

Not much information is available as no excavation or research is conducted in the city.

The only thing known is that they were punished, because of their plundering, by Alexander who spent the winter in Phaselis with his army in the 3rd century B.C. upon the wish of the neighboring Phaselis locals.

The settlement, which became a Musketry (Village Elected Head’s Post) in 1973 and, later, a Municipality in 1994 has today become one of our foremost tourism centers thanks to its nature, citrus fruits, parades, daily picnic areas, tourist ic facilities and neighbor shopping centers*